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«Arcon», the group of companies, provides such services as office rent in business centers, apartments, nonresidential, no commission (from the owner)in Kiev, also it’s completed commercial premises with the head’s office, mobile partitions, furniture for staff and chairs for more than 10 years.

Information for the renter of offices

About-us 2Working with clients, we use the database of real estate accumulated by employees of our company for many years. This information is updated several times a day, and each time you will find several new announcements for the lease of offices in Kiev, as well as the lease of buildings on our website.
Before offering customers information about the rent of new office, we come to a pre-view, assess the object, inspect all pros and contras, do only high-quality photos of the building and only then offer information for review.  We do not have “ empty views”,  all variants, that we will show you,  will be prospective for you. Only our company with the office lease provides free services for planning your future working space in the premises with the help of professional program Archicad. If you are interested in fast, not expensive rent an office in Kiev right away - call us and we will promptly solve this problem.

Information for the owners of offices

About-us 3Owners of the office space, we will help take the office to rent quickly and efficiently. To do it the best, we will hold an overall assessment and comparative analysis of the value of the object, give them a general guidance and advice, for the operational taking office for rent , we will carry out a full legal support of real estate transactions. To professionally, conveniently and accurately present their premises, the owners need to give our professionals the most detailed and accurate information with photos, descriptions and plans. This can be done using the contacts listed on the site.

Offices rent with office furniture

If you are interested in office rent with office furniture, we always have a large selection of furniture in stock, from inexpensive kits for personnel, to luxury head’s offices. Mass production, competently composed cutting chipboard, direct deliveries, without intermediaries, materials and components from leading  manufacturers for furniture production, allow us to guarantee a wide range of products and the best balance of price / performance.

The work on this site

About-us 1To find a placement in a very quick way on the specified parameters, you can use a filter with the photo catalog, where you can select the essential district and office area. All variants are sorted by price, but you are able to change place’s collation. The objects are presented in a user-friendly photo catalog, which has the ability to zoom in and view all the images just by clicking on the link.

Articles  about the office rent

Besides the information about the office rent in Kiev, on our website, you can find useful articles as follows: how to define with the area of the working place, specialties of the office rent in business centers of different classes, the specificity of employment in different areas of Kiev, how to compose competently requirements for companies that provide communications services and the Internet, what kind of unplanned expenses may arise after signing the contract of employment, how to select office furniture, why some objects are offered without commission, and why it is sometimes necessary to pay for the services of brokers.