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Office space for rent in Kiev Ukraine

office-for-rent 2on our site is represented by unoccupied fund. These are business centers and unprofessional premises that were transformed in unoccupied fund, and also flats with capital repairs and all communications that help you to outfit your work place easy and comfortable.
The main part of office rooms is offered from the owner, with no go-between but you have to focus your attention on the additional information. Some owners, as a rule, the supervisors of the office buildings, which we can rate as classes A and D, do not want to pay for the service of realtor’s companies. In this case, on our site you can find the commission.


Office for lease in business centers

office-for-rent 3The most widely alight heading, because except the standard office’s repair and logistical support with air-conditioners, computer-and phone nets in the business centers is offered a number of additional services, such as a twenty-four-hour security, parking, cleaning of common space and offices, ventilation system service, service of air-conditioners, electric nets and lighting and many others. Also, leasing an office in the business center, the tenant can get a legal address and officially register his company according to the actual location.
Office for rent in the unoccupied fund is predominantly presented by objects, located on the first and last floor of dwelling houses, and also by trade premises.

In contrast to the business centers in these areas there are no additional services, but if the office is on the first floor and has a separate front entrance, there is the opportunity to place in it an active sales office, such as banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, notary office, exhibition and sale, etc. The cost of such buildings can be even higher than the cost of professional areas.

Office for rent in the flats

office-for-rent 1is the cheapest category. Besides the low-cost of the rent in the housing stock is four times lower than the cost of utilities.
Ideal for companies of closed type, which often do not need to take visitors, and type of activity does not assume the coincidence of the legal and actual address of the company. In the center of Kiev there are porches and houses where absolutely all premises are rented for offices and also have their own physical security at the entrance, and a common network of communication, which makes the apartments quite presentable and comfortable to place in there the representative office. The main drawbacks are the inability to register a legal address and possible problems with the neighbors.
A brief overview of the office rent in all the districts of Kiev.

The office for rent in the center of Kiev

office-for-rent 4The central districts are Pechersk, Podolsk, Holosievskiy, and Shevchenkivskiy. Here, as a rule, you can see offices of business class or points of active sales, where you need a good traffic intersection in order to make easier the search of the companies at the specified address for clients. Since the buildings in these areas are compact, all offices are located near the subway, providing an easy access by this type of transport to the work, but at the same time it is a cause of traffic jams and parking problems.
Rent an office in the adjoining to the center areas prefer the companies, which do not need to pay for a prestigious location, but the convenient transportation is important for them. The cost of these facilities is cheaper than in central areas, besides there are less traffic jams and it is easier to find a parking spot at a location nearby. These include the parts of Pechersky, Podolsky, Shevchenkivski, Holoseievski.and Solomenskiy district.
Distant from the center, districts are divided into industrial and residential.
The last few years has been actively build a professional office-warehouse complexes with a developed infrastructure and communications, allowing to store the products, to which are made great demands to the quality of facilities for the storage of goods.
In residential areas are placed offices of companies selling goods and services for the populace or in the case, when the staff of these areas live in the surrounding areas and can quickly get to their workplace. These include Obolonskiy district, Solomenskiy outskirts, Shevchenkosky, Sviatoshynsky and Left Bank - Darnytsky, Dnieper and Desnyanskiy district of Kiev.